The legacy

The foundation to Abhishek Singh's supernatural screenplay skills were laid in his blood itself.

His beloved father Shri.Sathyanarayan Singh, a then diploma holder in mechanical started it all as a photography hobbyist in 1977 with a Nikon camera (black and white) and in a short while took it up as his profession since what was full of passion in his blood provoked him to make bread too.

Followed was a list of gratified clients like Promac engineering, Maxwatt turbines, Mico Bosch, Electrics, Air force (ASTE), NIIT, Widia etc. Fondly known as photographer S.N.Singh in the industry, he started his own studio in the posh localities of Jayanagar, Bangalore in 1994. A much eminent me
ntor to many talents across institutions like Karnataka Photographers Association, Canon, Epson, Nikon, Sony and Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, he has marked his footprints across Fashion photography, Portraits, Food photography, Lifestyle photography, Industrial Photography, documentary photography, fine-art photography, Wedding photography, still life photography, Candid photography, Action shots, etc. Today, he is a
PRO (public relations officer) at Karnataka
Photographers Association, mentoring photographers clicking in and around the whole of Southern India. 

By now, all of us know what candid photography is and what difference it can make to saving wedding memories when compared to the conventional my-pic-your-pic-our-pic albums.

                                                 Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 8.12.32 PMAbhishek Singh           aaaMohan Kumar

Abhishek Singh, Mohan Kumar are very ardent photo artists from Bangalore & Hyderabad, giving life to that difference in your life events by shooting what anything feels like rather than what it might just look like.

The equipment’s we use to capture moments are world-cl
ass and undisputedly the best in enabling us hand over to our clients, poetic productions. Yeah, for more than a decade now, those indispensable equipment’s that
we have been using are our own eyes. The latest, high-precision cameras, lenses and lighting we put into work apart f
rom them are just catalysts. At our wedding job junctures, our words are few and exposures are many.

"Ready...Smile...Go!" is certainly not the threeso
me traffic signal rule that we follow to control our directions of photography. Whether you're smiling at someone with all your heart, your partner is stealing a glimpse of you in the commotion, dad is sharing the bliss of his dream day with his favorite guests, mom is wiping off her happy tears using handkie chosen over her new saree, children are seeking friends and hiding from their parents, we wouldn't stop them all but stop by at time just right
to still them all.